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Board Rules

Read these rules CAREFULLY - violating any one results in BANNING without exception. No uses of profanity.
No racist remarks.
No sexism.
No pornography.
No diminishing of someone's character.
No "this site sucks" posts.
Emails, private correspondences, and excerpts thereof may not be posted.
Any incorrect technical information regarding mobility products will be deleted, and any poster who repeatedly posts incorrect information will be denied access.
No solicitations, period (If one works for a company that buys stuff, sells stuff, or manufactures stuff thatís bought or sold, one cannot use this site to drive consumers to one's stuff. It doesn'tí matter what kind of stuff it is Ė do not advertise for oneís stuff on this site or one will be stuffed on the ban lists).
IP numbers are logged (Big Brother is watching you).
Members deceiving other members through bogus identities will be banned.
Any threats E-mailed to administrators or other members will be turned over to authorities.
No fallacies of logic involving "the right to free speech" (Just as in church, at school, in a bar, and just about every other private and public place, if one can't behave accordingly, he's rejected and ejected). The fact is, in many of our homes, workplaces, and communities, people are universally kind, considerate, and easy-going, and the same is expected here. It's not acceptable to start arguments with strangers in the check-out line at the grocery store, so don't do it on the Internet, either.
No arguing with these rules (If one can't handle these basic rules of appropriate public behavior, then one doesn't have the skills needed to productively contribute to our rockiní community).
Considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board, it is impossible for to review messages or confirm the validity of information posted. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the contents of and are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this BB,, or any entity associated with this BB. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. This is a manual process, however, so please realize that we may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately.
You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this BB to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by
In order to post, you must provide your unique, valid e-mail address. If the e-mail address is not valid, you will not be able to post. If for some reason you wish not to have your e-mail disclosed, you can hide it through editing your profile.
Although this BB does not and cannot review the messages posted and is not responsible for the content of any of these messages, we at this BB and reserve the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this BB,, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s).
We at this BB and also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.
Please note that advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, solicitations, are not allowed on this BB.
Under no circumstances may manufacturers, providers, or representatives initiate topics or posts that solicit users, or send E-mails or private messages that solicit users, nor may they contribute product facts or photos to discussions to which they have not been invited, unless by posters asking direct questions of the manufacturer. It's also important to note that we are all but exclusively a wheelchair user community, and prefer industry-related members who use wheelchairs, as they can best relate within the community.
Emails, private correspondences, and excerpts thereof may not be posted.
Any incorrect technical information regarding mobility products will be deleted, and any poster who repeatedly posts incorrect information will be denied access.
Posts may be removed for any reason.
Now, if you agree to all these rules, rock on, roll on, and welcome to the house that Mark-E built:, baby!

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