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Choosing Powerchair Chargers

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Joystick Mounts

Understanding Powerchair Inhibits

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to High-Speed Packages

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Common Sense Powerchair Troubleshooting

Keeping Your Powerchair Cool in Summer Heat

Powerchair Battery Rules to Live By

Check the Batteries: Recognizing Battery Issues

What’s Your Need For Speed: Selecting the Right Powerchair Speed for Your Needs

Programming Power

Understanding Powerchair Pivot Points

Breaking the Code: Mythos of Powerchair Programming

Dirty Little Secrets of Black Tires

Motor Brushes

6-Wheel Selections

Travel Powerchairs

Lock It Up: A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Powerchair Security

Offroad Powerchairs

Controller Lingo: Understanding Your Powerchair’s Brain-Box

Powerchair Wheels 101

Penny and Giles Programming Reference

Flying Batteries: Protocol for Powerchair and Scooter Air Transport

Guide to Powerchair Brakes

Circuit Breakers

Total Traction — A guide to powerchair tires

Powerchair Ordering Checklist

Cleaning Your Powerchair

Choices in Controlling Power Seating

Understanding the Mixing of Power Seating and Powerbases

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Foot Platforms

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Aftermarket Backrests

Power Seat Lifts

Wheelchair Standers

The Power of Positioning: The Applications of Tilt and Recline

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Super-Low Seating Systems

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Powerchair Seating Basics

Sitting on Air: A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Air Cushions

Butt Boot Camp — A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Wheelchair Seating

Seating Solutions: A Strategy Toward Reducing Shock and Vibration

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Armrests

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Legrests

Guide to Wheel Locks

Light ‘Em Up (Illuminated Casters)

The Manual Wheelchair Diet

Understanding Eccentric Adjustments

Soft Roll Casters

The Internal X-Frame

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Hubs

Big, Fat, Honkin’ Off-Road Wheels

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Racing Wheelchairs

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Alternative Handrims

Minimalist Mania: Differentiating among today’s ultra-high-end manual chairs

K4 Factor: A Guide to Conventional Lightweight Wheelchairs

A Guide to Understanding Manual Wheelchair Weights

A Helping Hand: Manual Wheelchair Power-Assist Technology

Beach Wheelchairs

When Size Matters: Choosing Sportschair Casters

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Ultralight Wheelchair Ordering

Pumped Up — A WheelchairJunkie’s guide to sportschair tires

Get It Straight! — A WheelchairJunkie’s guide to sportschair alignment

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Medicare Wheelchair Funding

Using Medicare’s ABN Toward Upgrading Your Mobility

Golden Rules of Wheelchair Replacement

E-Edealers: Why buying a powerchair via the Web may not be the bargain you thought

Deals on Wheels — A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Used Wheelchairs

Show Me the Money! — A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Wheelchair Funding

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide To Transit Kits

Rollx Wheelchair Vans

Giving Your Lowered-Floor Minivan a Suspension Boost

Ramp Van Nuances

Vehicle Lifts and Rehap Powerchairs

Platform Lifts

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Ramps

Why do Wheelchairs Cost so Much

Powerchairs And Snow

Mobility Tech Service

Determining The Invention In Disability

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide To Beta Testing

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide To Weight Capacities

When Things Go Wrong: A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Wheelchair Repair

Back-Up Mobility: Having the right wheelchair when things go wrong

MedTrade 2005

Manufacturing Mobility in Asia

A Tale of Three Cities: Addressing Global Mobility Need

The Four Factors of Mobility Trends

MedTrade 2004

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Demo Products

Curbs, Curb Climbers, and the Cultural Divide

Running Flat-Free: A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Flat-Free Tires

MedTrade and REHA 2003 Roundup

Old Vs. New: The Great Debate Among Mobility Consumers

Interfacing Indepence: An Introduction to Enviromental Controls

Help Me Help You: Resolving Mobility Issues

A WheelchairJunkie’s Guide to Charitable Giving

Entitlement of Mobility

The Mobility Advertisements of 1970

Cavaet Emptor: Avoiding Knock-Off Mobility Products

A WheelchairJunkie Guide to Selecting a Provider

MedTrade 2002: Chairs, Chicks, and Cheaters

Robby Trendy Designs Mark-E’s Powerchair for MedTrade 2002

Road Riding

Curb Climbing

Everest & Jennings: Fall of a Goliath

Obstacle Clearance

MedTrade 2001

Purple Pimp Mobile


Wheelchair Idol

Where’s the Z?

Kryptalite Wheelchairs

The Four Stages of WheelchairJunkie

Mobility-Revisionist History

Rap to Rehab

Gimp Gangsta

Zuck-Aidez’ Design Meeting

Interview with Jonny Parker, Powerchair Daredevil

The IRBIT Motorchair by Jonny Parker

Deke D. Daily Show

Powerchair is One Word

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