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Deluxe Electric Wheelchair a surprisingly capable, travel-friendly electric wheelchair, offered by a company you’ve probably never heard of. It is recommended for anyone weighing up to 330 who travels frequently and isn’t especially brand conscious.

Brand Reliability*

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* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect.


  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Well-Implemented Features
  • Reliable Performance
  • Customer Service Reputation


  • Limited Ground Clearance
  • Modest Speed
  • Brand Size
  • Possibly Limited Brand Recognition
Deluxe Electric Wheelchair by Medical Care

Recommended For: Anyone weighing up to 330 who travels frequently and isn’t especially brand conscious.

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Do you travel frequently? Are you in the market for a small, relatively lightweight, travel-friendly electric wheelchair you can take with you on the road, and perhaps even take with you on flights?

If you answered yes to the questions above, and if you’re not particularly brand conscious, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what you read in this Medical Care Electric wheelchair review.

Medical Care isn’t a big company. They don’t have a tremendous brand reach. They are, however, a very good company and they’ve made a good product here.

So good, in fact, that they’ve licensed the technology to a number of other small vendors. You’ll find this same model for sale under the name Majestic, Culver Mobility, and others.

In the sections that follow, we’ll take a deep dive into this chair’s capabilities, telling you everything the model has to offer and pulling no punches when it comes to outlining the chair’s weaknesses, shortcomings, and limitations. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if this is the model you’ve been searching for. If that sounds good to you, read on, and let’s see what this model is capable of!

An Overview of the Medical Care Electric Wheelchair Bluetooth

Medical Care Bluetooth Wheelchair with Silver frame

The first thing to note about this design is that it comes in two variants: Model 1 and Model 2. The Model 1 is silver, and the Model 2 is black. That’s it. That’s the only difference between them.

The wheelchair itself is a bit Spartan-looking, with tubed aircraft aluminum making up the frame and a moderately padded seat sitting atop it. Medical Care’s Electric wheelchair is not a bad-looking chair, but it’s clear that the design team put most of their effort into function and paid relatively less attention to form.

That’s fine. Most people who are in the market for a chair like this care a lot less about aesthetics than they do about function.

If you’re the exception to that, and you’re specifically looking for a sporty chair, this one isn’t going to impress you.

Before we get down to details in this section of our Medical Care Electric wheelchair review, let’s pause long enough to take a quick look at the core stats that define this model so we can get a better sense of what we’re dealing with. Here’s a quick overview of the basics:

  • Overall Product Dimensions: 24” (W) x 40” (D) x 37” (H) (Folded dimensions are 14” x 24” x 34”)
  • Seat Dimensions: 18” (W) x 18” (D)
  • Top Speed: 4 mph
  • Maximum Range: 9.3 miles
  • Wheel Size: 14” (rear) and 6” (front casters)
  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 7.5 degrees
  • Turning Radius: 22.5”
  • Ground Clearance: 2.75”
  • Chair Weight: 65 pounds (with battery!) (55 pounds without)
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 330 pounds

These are generally good numbers. The overall dimensions are about average for a product of this type. The folded dimensions present a reasonably small footprint that, when combined with the chair’s lightweight, make it surprisingly travel-friendly.

The seat dimensions are good, and 18” x 18” is pretty close to a universal fit, given the weight limits of the chair.

The top speed is underwhelming, but that’s not at all surprising in a chair designed to be as light as possible. The same holds true for the range. Nine miles and range are about average but on the lower end of average. It’s not impressive, but it’s not awful, either.

Folded Medical Care Bluetooth Wheelchair in a standing position

The turn radius is good, and verging on being great, while the ground clearance is a bit of a point of weakness.

This chair was designed for use primarily on paved surfaces, inside homes, and shopping centers. It’s not an adventure chair. You’ll have to be very watchful if you try to take it on uneven terrain, so you don’t wind up stuck on an obstruction of one sort or another.

The maximum supported weight is nominally above average, but anything above average is a plus, so that still counts. Medical Care did a great job keeping the weight low, which makes this an extremely travel-friendly model.

We’ll have more to say about that later. For now, it’s enough to note that it’s surprisingly light, and that’s a very good thing!

Adjustability and Comfort of Medical Care Wheelchair

There’s nothing adjustable about the Medical Care Electric Wheelchair Bluetooth. What you see is what you get. The seat sits 20” off the ground and can’t be height adjusted. The padded armrests are fixed in their positions. There’s no headrest, so there’s nothing to talk about there.

Medical Care Bluetooth Wheelchair facing to the right

Comfort-wise, the seat is clad in a durable mesh fabric that’s highly breathable, but the seat is only moderately padded. It’s comfortable enough for spending 1-2 hours at a time in it. If you plan on spending longer than that, you’ll almost certainly want to invest in some additional padding for the seat and the seatback.

That’s not the end of the world. Seat cushions are one of the most commonly purchased accessories in the wheelchair world, and there are tons of great options available.

Extras and Options of Medical Care Folding Wheelchair

Given the total lack of adjustability, you might not be expecting any extras on the Deluxe Electric wheelchair with Bluetooth remote.

Back part of the Medical Care Folding Wheelchair

Here, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, as it does come with one extra. You’ll find a modestly sized storage pocket on the back of the seat.

It’s not enormous, and you’ll probably want to invest in some additional storage capacity to augment it, but we were thrilled to see at least some storage present in the design.

In our view, a good travel wheelchair simply must offer some kind of storage, so we have to give Medical Care props here too!

The lack of extras and options isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is a fairly inexpensive chair as electric wheelchairs go, and the aftermarket is loaded with third-party vendors offering all sorts of ways to customize and accessorize.

Portability & Ease of Use

The control system of the Medical Care wheelchair is super simple, and, surprisingly, this model also comes with an app-based remote control. You can power it via your phone, or, if you’re feeling brave or trusting, you can install the app on a friend’s phone and let them control it. That’s a small thing, but it’s a cool and potential fun (or terrifying) feature. A nice touch.

Given the simplicity of the controls, you’ll master the basics in a matter of minutes. Since the turn radius is pretty good, you’re unlikely to get stuck in some tight corner. You shouldn’t have any issues where navigation is concerned.

Controller of Medical Care Bluetooth Wheelchair

The chair is light enough that it can be compared to manual travel wheelchairs. It’s still heavier than the best of these, so you’ll pay a bit more when you bring it with you on the plane. This chair has been FDA approved, though. Assuming the airline you’re flying with allows electric wheelchairs (call to check before you buy your ticket), you should have no problems getting it on the plane even if you have to pay more than you would to fly with a manual wheelchair.

Note that its folded footprint is small enough that this chair will easily fit into the back of any full-sized SUV, and it’s a trivial matter to store it in a truck or van.

You almost certainly won’t have any issues if you have a hatchback, and it will even fit easily inside the available trunk space of most full-sized sedans. Another great job by the folks at Medical Care!

Note that given the light weight and portability of the design, we would not recommend investing in ramps or a lift to travel with this model. Those are valuable for chairs that weigh 2-3x more than this one and are hard to wrestle into storage. For this chair, those types of solutions really aren’t necessary.

Pros & Cons of Medical Care Wheelchair

The design team of the Medical Electric wheelchair with Bluetooth remote control got a lot right. While it’s a no-frills, bare-bones design, all the features are very well implemented. Also, you won’t be disappointed with how it runs. The big things to keep in mind, though, are:

It doesn’t have great ground clearance, so you’ll need to go carefully on open ground.

It’s not a speedster, so you don’t want this model if you want something fast.

And it’s offered by a smaller brand. They seem to have a good reputation for customer service and support, but small brands are always at least somewhat constrained on that front.

Medical Care Electric Wheelchair Review Conclusion

Overall, we’re impressed by the quality of this machine. We note here in our Medical Care electric wheelchair review that if you’re not brand conscious and take the brand reliability metric out of the equation, this model would rank 4.65 stars out of five, which is impressive. We recommend it.

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