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The Vive Health 4 Wheel Portable Scooter is an almost shockingly good import, offered by a company you may not have heard of. Recommended for provisionally, recommended for anyone weighing up to 300 pounds, if you’re not finding what you’re looking for in the product lines of mainstream brands.

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Overall Rating

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  • Low-priced and fully featured
  • Impressive warranty
  • Good range of extras for customization


  • Not very fast
  • Relatively poor turning radius
  • Limited ground clearance
  • Supports a modest amount of user weight
Vive Health 4-Wheel Portable Mobility Scooter

Recommended For: Anyone on a budget provided that you weigh no more than 265 pounds.

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Are you on a tight budget?

Have you been on the hunt for a low-priced scooter or electric wheelchair to give you a measure of freedom?

If you answered yes to both of the questions above, you might find yourself wondering why it took so long to discover this great little machine. We think you’ll be thrilled that you happened across our Vive Health 4 wheel portable scooter review.

Vive Health is not a giant in the industry. They import a wide range of medical equipment, mostly from China, and resell it here. The quality is a bit lower than what you’d find from some more expensive world-class brands, but the prices are amazing, and most people regard that as a good tradeoff.

We don’t usually expect a lot from bargain-priced equipment, but as you’ll see as you read through the sections that follow, at nearly every turn, the Vive mobility scooter surpassed our expectations, and then some. It’s even got a mind-blowing five-year limited warranty, which is almost unheard of in the value-priced market.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. In the sections that follow, you’ll find all the details you need to decide for yourself whether or not this is the scooter you’ve been searching for. Let’s jump right in and take a closer look.

An Overview of the Vive 4 Wheel Portable Scooter – Electric Powered Wheelchair Device

At first glance, there’s nothing that would suggest this isn’t a scooter offered by one of the bigger, more established brands in the industry. Vive Health 4 has styling that’s similar to many of the scooters offered by Pride Mobility and Drive Medical, and it’s got the same polished look to it.

A four-wheeled design, it also offers fantastic stability and looks like a friendly machine you’d enjoy getting around in. If you decide you want one of these, you can order yours in either blue, red, or silver from the company’s website, with the Vive 4-wheel power mobility scooter in blue being one of their best-sellers.

We note here in our Vive Health 4 wheel portable scooter review that having a highly polished aesthetic is a nice touch. But if you suffer from a mobility issue, then what you really want is a machine that can get you where you want to go reliably, and looks won’t impact that one way or another. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at this model by the numbers. Here they are:

  • Overall Product Dimensions: 48” L x 20” W x 36” H
  • Seat Width: 17” W x 14.5” D
  • Seat to Floor Height: 18.5” to 21.5”
  • Turning Radius: 54”
  • Top Speed: 3.7 miles per hour
  • Range: 12.4 miles
  • Wheel Size: 8”
  • Ground Clearance: 1.57”
  • Maximum Slope: 6 degrees
  • Total Weight: 88.2 pounds. Breaks into four sections for transport, with the heaviest being 29 pounds)
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 265 pounds

On the whole, these are decent to good numbers, but they do reveal a few points of weakness in the design.

First and foremost, the range is strictly average, which doesn’t sound like a compliment, but since the price is so far below average, we could see that as a definite plus here.

Also, its total weight makes it fairly travel-friendly, especially given that it can be broken into four different pieces, with the heaviest weighing in at under thirty pounds.

Normally, we’d gripe a bit about the smallish seat size, but check out the supported weight limit.

Most of the mobility aids on the market support 300 pounds or so, with models built for big and tall folk supporting significantly more than that. The lightly built 4 wheel scooter falls a bit short of that mark. Given also that it supports a below-average amount of user weight, it marks the model as being one built for people with smaller to average-sized builds.

All that to say that the seat size really isn’t an issue, given the scooter’s relatively modest weight limit. It’ll be fine as long as you don’t try to spend the whole day lounging in it.

At 54”, the turning radius isn’t great, but that’s pretty typical for four-wheeled scooters. You can use it inside a smaller home or apartment, but if you do so, be prepared to get lots of practice making three-point turns. The Vive 4-wheel is at its best outside on flat, paved surfaces, though, especially given its scant ground clearance.

Vive 4 Wheel Scooter with a front-mounted basket

That’s not to say you couldn’t use it in your yard, provided that you’ve recently cut the grass and your lawn is level, but with barely an inch and a half of ground clearance, the least little obstruction is likely to hang you up, so be mindful of that.

The top speed is below average and underwhelming. Most scooters top out at around 4 or 4.5 miles per hour, and this one can’t quite manage that. So if you’re in a hurry, this model will leave you wanting. If you’re not in a rush to get where you’re going, it will serve you well enough.

Adjustability and Comfort

We regard this as one of the stronger points of our Vive 4 wheel portable scooter review. We weren’t expecting anything at all on the adjustability front with this value-priced model, but the 4 wheel scooter actually has a pair of adjustable features to talk about here.

Vive 4-wheel Power Mobility Scooter almost fully facing to the left

First, there’s the seat.

You can adjust the height in a range that starts at 18.5” and extends to 21.5.” That’s an interesting range and paints this chair as a better fit for taller users than shorter ones. Given the modest weight limit, we begin to get a very clear picture of the ideal person that this scooter was made for.

Someone of slight build, who’s taller and lanky.

In addition to the seat height adjustment, the seat swivels, which makes transferring into and out of the scooter a simple matter. It gets better, though, because the flip-up armrests are height adjustable, too, giving you two great ways to tweak the seat for a perfect fit and optimal comfort.

(Image to the left) A person adjusting a knob on the control panel of 4 Wheel Scooter Vive. (Image to the right) A person adjusting the seat height of the scooter.
Adjustable Speed Knob
Vive 4 Wheel Portable Scooter Customizable Seat Height
Customizable Seat Height

On the comfort front, the four-wheel scooter by Vive doesn’t fare quite as well. It’s still about average, given that you probably won’t be spending extended periods of time sitting in it. The seat has a modest amount of conventional block foam padding with vinyl upholstery stretched over it.

If this model were intended to be used for extended, uninterrupted periods, we’d take issue with the upholstery (and the modest amount of padding, for that matter) because vinyl gets hotter and increasingly uncomfortable the longer you spend in it. But, it’s not so bad here. If you wanted to increase the comfort, extra padding is easy to add, and you’ll probably have enough money left over to do that if you like.

Extras and Options

This is another very strong section of our 4 wheel scooter Vive review, and that fact came as a pleasant surprise to us.

Vive 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter with a front-mounted storage basket

With most smaller companies, we don’t expect to see anything at all in terms of extras. Not only are there two high-value extras built-in with this little scooter, but the company also sells a few accessories, allowing you to personalize your ride in other ways.

In terms of what’s built-in, the Vive offers both a small LED headlamp and a built-in, front-mounted storage basket. Where accessories are concerned, on the company’s website, you’ll find a cup holder, a couple of different seat pads, and a few different types of storage bags.

That’s outstanding. If you’re looking for something more than that, the aftermarket is brimming with other possibilities.

Pros & Cons of 4-Wheel Portable Scooter Vive

In no particular order, here are the things we think you’ll like best about the Vive 4 wheel scooter:

  • It’s delightfully low-priced and fully featured.
  • It’s got an impressive warranty.
  • And it has a good range of extras that make customization and personalization a snap.

On the other hand, it has a few points of weakness to keep in mind before committing to a purchase.

These include:

  • It’s not very fast.
  • It has a relatively poor turning radius.
  • It has a limited ground clearance
  • And it only supports a modest amount of user weight.

Vive Health 4 Wheel Portable Scooter Review Conclusion

In all honesty, we regard most of the cons we mentioned above here in our Vive Health 4 wheel portable scooter review as consequences of specific design decisions rather than poor manufacturing. The company wanted to create a scooter designed for taller, lightly built people who planned on using it primarily in urban environments

They succeeded in their goal. If you’re not tall and lanky, or if you want a scooter that is better suited for use on rough terrain, then this naturally won’t be a good fit for you. It simply wasn’t designed to be. Given that, we regard this as a highly self-selecting model. If you fit the profile the chair was designed for, you’ll love it. If you don’t, you’ll give it a pass without thinking twice. On that basis, we provisionally recommend it.

Comparable Products to Consider

If you like the model we just talked about, but for one reason or another, it’s just not a good fit for you, you may want to consider one of these alternatives:

Drive Medical Scout 4 Compact Travel Power Scooter

Recommended For: Recommended for anyone, provided that you’re not looking to take this scooter over rough, unforgiving terrain.

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About the same price, capable of supporting more user weight, and with higher ground clearance, this is an amazingly versatile machine you’re sure to love.

Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair by Pride Mobility

Recommended For: Anyone weighing up to 300-pounds and is looking for a travel-friendly electric wheelchair.

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If you’re not happy with the overall aesthetic of the Vive, you’ll have to pay more for this model but it’s supremely capable and offered by one of the top brands in the business. It also has the advantage of offering you a completely different aesthetic.

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