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The Zipr Roo Mobility Scooter is an affordable compact scooter ideal for frequent travel and short-range outdoor/indoor use. This is ideal for seniors, individuals with mild physical limitations, and average body types.

Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to transport
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Affordable, priced under $1,000
  • Reliable with excellent warranty and support


  • Average performance
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use or larger body types
  • Sacrifices some features for travel convenience
Zip'R Roo Mobility Travel Scooter

Recommended For: Seniors, individuals with mild physical limitations, and average body types.

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Do you tire easily when running errands or traveling? Is it a challenge just to get chores done around the house?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you might need a mobility scooter to help you get around and enjoy the freedom you deserve.

In our Zip R Roo Scooter review, we take an in-depth look at a compact indoor/outdoor device designed for travel and comfort. Let’s get started!

Zipr Scooters Design Overview

Founded in 2004, the Zip’r Mobility Solutions Corporation is a modern brand with a mission to improve the quality of life for the elderly and those with physical limitations.

If you aren’t able to move around as easily as you used to, then they offer a line of powerchairs and mobility scooters that make it easier for people to enjoy their favorite daily activities with renewed vigor.

Red variant of Zipr Scooter
Blue variant of Zipr mobility scooter

In this review, we focus on their compact mobility scooter called the Zip’r Roo. It’s perfect for travel, and it costs under $1,000, making it one of the more affordable scooters on the Zip’r line.

Zip’r has mastered the art of versatility when it comes to their mobility devices, and all of their designs are minimal, yet they can go anywhere safely and comfortably.

The Roo is exemplary of this and can be used indoors or outdoors with ease. Its dimensions are 41” x 19.5” x 32.4”, and it weighs only 90.2 lbs, which is lightweight compared to other motorized devices.

Even though it’s lightweight, the sturdy alloy steel frame can hold up to 265 lbs. Admittedly, this is low on the weight spectrum compared to heavy-duty scooters. Therefore, people with larger body types probably won’t be able to zip around in the Roo.

But this is because it’s mainly geared towards travel, even though smaller body types can use it as an everyday device.

For indoors, it’s narrow enough to fit through doorways and hallways without struggle, and it boasts a three-wheel base with a 31.5” turning radius for tight turn action.

Zip R Roo Mobility Scooter with front-mounted basket and 3 wheels

You also can take into town, riding over rough terrain without a hitch. The flat-free tires prevent punctures from glass or sharp rocks, and you can enjoy a smoother ride without being jolted in the seat.

The Roo is battery-powered, getting up to 12.4 miles on a single charge. This is below average compared to other scooters that can achieve 15-20 miles. It reaches a top speed of 3.7” mph, which is also not that impressive.

While outdoor performance isn’t as enhanced as other Zipr scooters, the Roo is meant to be convenient and compact. It’s a daily-use scooter for making short trips and maneuvering around tight spaces.

Plus, you can’t beat the low price. It’s fair, considering what you get. Not to mention, this company is reputed for its stellar customer service, so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality and support for years to come.

Zip R Roo 4 Wheel Mobility Travel Scooter

Before we hop on over to the features section, we must mention that the Roo three-wheel has a younger sibling: the Zip R Roo 4-Wheel scooter.

Zip R Roo 4 Wheel Mobility Travel Scooter facing halfway to the left

The only difference between these two models is in the name. With a four-wheel base, users have more stability.

There is also a protective bar over the front bumper to keep the scooter from scratches and dings.

Other than that, all of the specifications are the same as the Zip R Roo 3-wheel mobility scooter. Note, too, that the four-wheeler can only carry up to 265 lbs, which isn’t ideal for larger body types.

Zipr Mobility Scooter Features

Next up, we break down the most important features the Zipr Roo 3 wheel scooter has to offer. It’s an all-around scooter designed to be user-friendly and compact for travel.

Performance-wise, it’s not the fastest, nor can it travel long distances, but it’s worth it if you only need it minimally throughout the day.

Comfort and Safety

Padded seat of the Zip r Roo 3-wheel mobility scooter

Zipr scooters, the Roo included, are not as plush and cushy as some other top-end models on the market. But again, that’s to be expected for the price and functionality.

You get the basics: a padded 16.5” wide seat with a supportive backrest. The armrests are also padded and can fold for easy scooter access.

If you want to stretch out your legs, then consider the Zipr four-wheel scooter, as the three-wheel is more narrow.

This scooter is incredibly user-friendly though, with an intuitive control panel that doesn’t make you jump through hoops to be tech-savvy.

Every control is within arm’s reach—with options to steer, change direction, check the battery range, reverse, and turn on the headlights. There’s also a horn, and you can set the speed using the tiller.

This brand is also known for safety, and they rigorously test all of their scooters and powerchairs for quality and reliability.

Flat-free, anti-tip tires ensure you won’t be left stranded alone while out and about, with headlights for when evening falls and you need to be visible on the sidewalk.

Customization and Adjustability

Zip’R Roo mobility scooter with armrests that flip-up

If you’re hoping to customize your scooter as much as you like, then the Zip’r Roo probably isn’t the model for you.

There isn’t much in terms of modifications or adjustments, but that’s what you pay for with a compact travel scooter.

The only adjustment for comfort is the chair height. The seat also swivels to make mounting and dismounting easier.


Parts of a disassembled Zipr Roo 3 wheel scooter

This is the area where the Zip’r Roo outshines the rest. It was born to board a plane or ride in the trunk of a car, thanks to its lightweight design.

But best of all, the Roo breaks down into five foldable pieces, with the heaviest part weighing a featherlight 32.5 lbs. The tiller folds and the seat can be removed, fitting into the trunk of most vehicles.

That type of portability means you won’t have to spend a ton of money on installing a lift. The Roo is also TSA-Approved, making it perfectly safe for air travel.

If you are a frequent traveler, then the Roo is one of the best quality mobility scooters you can find for under $1,000.

Storage and Accessories

Storage attached to the back of Zip’R Roo Mobility Travel Scooter's seat

This is another area where the Zip’r Roo is lacking, but what can you expect for the price?

It doesn’t include any accessories, although you can purchase an orange safety flag, a weatherproof cover, and an attachable bag separately.

We are pleased to see that a spacious metal basket is mounted on the front of the scooter, giving the user ample storage without them having to pay extra for it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Zip R Roo 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter facing to the front

A maintenance routine is essential when owning a Zipr mobility scooter, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

The thing is, not everyone has the physical strength to keep up with labor-intensive cleaning, which is why it’s important to check what’s required of a scooter before making a purchase.

Fortunately, Zip’r offers a regular inspection and maintenance service for those who are unable to do it themselves. You can contact your local Zip’r supplier for more information.

For the Zip’r Roo, this is what you can expect for maintenance and cleaning:

  • Regularly check the tires and upholstery for wear.
  • Keep all liquids away from the control panel.
  • Store your scooter in a warm, dry place.
  • Wipe down the scooter with a damp towel, but refrain from hosing it to protect the controls.
  • Car wax can be applied to the plastic components to maintain a high gloss finish.
  • Charge the scooter daily if used for longer than 20 minutes.

Zip R Roo Mobility Scooters Pros vs. Cons


  • Affordable.
  • Easy portability.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Front basket for storage.
  • Dissembles and folds.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.


  • Lack of customization and adjustability.
  • Must purchase accessories separately.
  • Not ideal for larger body types.

The Zip’r Roo Mobility Scooter is a compact, battery-powered device built for convenience and travel.

You won’t have to struggle to check this scooter into a flight or stash it inside the trunk of your car. It weighs 90.2 lbs and disassembles to make transportation a breeze.

It’s also versatile for indoor and outdoor use, with a three-wheel version that enhances maneuverability and a four-wheel version that provides more stability to protect the user from tipping over.

Anti-Tip Rear Wheel of Zip R Roo Mobility

Do bear in mind that its performance is average regarding battery range and speed. This scooter isn’t meant for heavy-duty use but for light outdoor excursions and moving freely around the home.

It’s also not suitable for larger body types, which unfortunately leaves out a large demographic of people who could benefit from what the Roo has to offer.

That’s the sacrifice you make to enjoy hassle-free travel with your scooter. Plus, you can’t beat the price since it costs under $1,000.

Overall, you can count on reliability and durability with the Zip’r Roo. It’s backed by an excellent warranty program and reputable customer support. For an everyday travel scooter, we believe the Roo gives you incredible bang for your buck.

We recommend the Zip’r Roo Mobility Scooter for:

  • Average body types
  • Seniors and people with mild physical limitations
  • Frequent travelers
  • Everyday use for running errands, attending events, and household chores
  • Air travel and car travel

Zip R Roo Mobility Scooters Warranty

Zip’r offers a few different warranties, which include the following:

  • Three-Year Limited Warranty: this covers structural frame components
  • One-Year Limited Warranty: this covers drivetrain components

It’s important to remember to register your scooter with the company within 30 days of purchase for the warranty to be valid. You can find more information here.

Comparable Products to Consider

If you’ve made it this far in our Zip R Roo Scooter review, you either love the Zip’r Roo or are still trying to decide if it’s the right mobility device for you. We’ve compiled a list of top-rated similar mobility scooters for you to compare, so you can make the most informed decision.

Metro Mobility Folding Scooter

M1 Portal Compact Travel Scooter by Metro Mobility

Recommended For: Anyone weighing up to 265 pounds, especially if you’re on a budget.

Check Current Price Read Detailed Review

If you like the minimal design of the Roo but want more torque, then the Metro is a solid pick for under $1,000. Its battery range is 15-20 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 4.97 mph. It can also climb up an eight-degree angle without tipping, making this ideal for more rugged outdoor environments.

Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Travel Pro 3-Wheel Scooter by Pride Mobility

Recommended For: Anyone on a budget who’s looking for a good, lightweight, travel-friendly mobility aid from a reputed brand, provided that you only plan on taking short trips on flat surfaces with it!

Check Current Price Read Detailed Review

If you’re all about accessories, then this lightweight travel scooter comes with a storage basket, cup holder, and attachable armrest bag that you don’t have to purchase separately. It can be used indoors and outdoors and has a slightly heavier maximum weight capacity than the Roo at 275 lbs.

Zip’r Breeze Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

Zip'r Breeze 3-Wheel Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

Recommended For: Seniors and those with light physical limitations.

Check Current Price Read Detailed Review

If you are a larger person, then the Zip’r Breeze is a suitable option, with a max weight of 300 lbs. It’s heavy-duty, so you can travel up to 20 miles and reach a top speed of 4.5 mph in a rough outdoor setting. Bear in mind that it is considerably more expensive than the Roo, designed for all-day use.

Zip R Roo Scooter Review Conclusion

The Zipr Roo mobility scooter is compact, and it disassembles, making it the perfect travel companion. You can easily stash it in your car or bring it on a flight without much hassle or extra equipment.

Since it’s designed for outdoor and indoor use, you can go about your day running errands or pottering around the house with a higher level of independence. It’s reliable and built using strong alloy steel for long-lasting durability.

To conclude this Zip R Roo Scooter review, it’s an affordable scooter with a minimal, functional design. This model is most ideal for seniors and people with average body types who need a convenient way to get work and travel done without much physical strain.

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