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The Zip’r Mantis Power Electric chair is a standard model for indoor and outdoor everyday use. It’s affordable and minimal, designed to provide people with limited upper and lower mobility, as well as aging individuals, the independence to accomplish daily tasks.


Getting around is challenging for people with a disability or who tire easily while carrying out basic tasks.

Power wheelchairs grant people the independence to achieve their goals with confidence. But choosing the right type of chair can be overwhelming with all of the innovative models on the market.

In our Zipr Mobility Mantis review, we take an in-depth look at a user-friendly all-around power chair that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Zipr Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair Design Overview

The Zip’r company was founded in 2004 with a mission to improve the overall quality of life for people with limited mobility.

Their line of electric scooters is standard yet well-made for everyday use. You won’t find fancy all-terrain features or a ton of customization options, but the price is affordable and you get a reliable chair that is user-friendly.

The Zipr Mobility Mantis wheelchair dimensions are 42” x 26” x 49-51,” and it weighs 189 lbs. It can support a max weight capacity of 300 lbs. Sure, it may look narrow and sleek, but the Mantis is a prime choice for people of all ages and body types.

One of the standout features of the Mantis wheelchair is that it functions as an indoor and outdoor chair. That doesn’t mean you can tear up the trails on this thing. Light outdoor activities are best, such as running errands or attending events.

The wheelbase features six wheels for enhanced stability, with foam-filled tires that are impossible to puncture. It also boasts a sturdy steel alloy frame. This is what allows the Mantis to roll confidently over grass, gravel, and uneven terrain.

For indoor use, it can achieve a 22.4” turning radius which is perfect for maneuvering around tight spaces with the ability to make a clean turn in a 40” area.

Zipr Mantis Power electric wheelchair with six wheels

It’s battery-powered, with the potential to reach 15 miles on a single charge. If you consider the average range of a powerchair to be around 25 miles, then this isn’t phenomenal but it’s OK. You’ll at least be able to go out for a stroll or travel locally.

The Mantis can reach a top speed of 4.9 mph. This is the industry standard for most powerchairs, although you can find specialized models that do 10 mph or more. It’s all about what you prefer!

There’s no high-tech mumbo jumbo or learning curve with the Mantis! The joystick control panel can be installed on the left or right side of the chair, with a few simple buttons to get you going right away.

It’s also important to note that Zip’r manufactures a slightly upgraded version of the standard Mantis wheelchair called the Zip’r Mantis SE wheelchair. We compare the two models below.

Zipr Mantis SE Electric Wheelchair

The Mantis SE looks and operates just like the standard Mantis, except it offers users a different power elevating seating option instead of manual, which makes it a tad more expensive.

This type of design allows you to adjust the seat height an extra 6” by using the joystick controls. This gives the user a higher position with an enhanced view.

Not everyone needs to spend the extra money on this feature. This is more of a helpful mechanism for individuals who lack upper mobility and rely on automated controls.

The quality and functionality are the same between the two Mantis models, but as mentioned you’ll pay more for the Mantis SE since the seat adjustment is automated.

Next, we’ll take a closer look at how the Zipr Mantis performs and the accessories you can add in the next section!

Zipr Mantis Electric Wheelchair Features

The Zip’r Mantis wheelchair is a no-frills kind of mobility device. It’s a solid companion for everyday tasks around the house but is also heavy-duty enough to travel outdoors in low-key environments.

Comfort and Safety

Padded seat and seatback of the Zipr Mantis Power Wheelchair

One of the things we like about the Zip’r company is that they are transparent with how they operate as a company, and many Zipr Mantis power electric wheelchair reviews only have good things to say about the service.

They’ve made it clear that safety is a priority, and all of their products undergo rigorous testing, with upgrades applied as needed to meet high safety standards.

Furthermore, wheelchair users spend long hours in a seated position, which also makes comfort one of the top priorities.

Thankfully, Zip’r outfitted the Mantis with plush seat cushioning that cradles the lower body while supporting the spine.

You can customize the seat width to get the fit just right. There are two options available: 16” or 18”. You can also customize the seat height and position.

Anti-tip wheels ensure you won’t tip over and fall in case you snag on a rock or teeter over an elevated threshold.

The foam-filled tires also up the safety since it’s impossible to puncture them. That means you won’t have to worry about getting stranded alone with a flat tire when you’re out and about.

Customization and Adjustability

Seat and armrests of the Zipr Mantis Electric Wheelchair

If you scour the powerchair market you’ll notice that some wheelchairs offer more customization flexibility than others. Some allow you to modify everything from the base up, while others like the Mantis offer the chance to tweak only a few of the most critical components.

It’s low-key with the Mantis. The adjustable armrests and footrest are meant to make wheelchair access easier.

You can manually adjust the seat height by 6” (unless you opt for the automated version with the Mantis SE).

That’s about all you’ll get with the Mantis, although there are plenty of accessories you can purchase to customize further, which we will discuss later in the review.


Zipr Mobility Mantis with elevating seat and its joystick

Power wheelchairs will never be as easy to transport as lightweight, foldable manual wheelchairs, but the Mantis does a pretty good job of being travel efficient.

While you’ll most likely need a ramp and lift for your vehicle to accommodate this heavy device, it does disassemble to simplify the process.

It’s also suitable for air travel, with safe FAA Compliant batteries and a TSA-approved design.

You might have to pay extra for transportation equipment. But honestly, the Mantis is more of an around-the-house everyday powerchair not meant for frequent travel, although it’s got the basics down if you do need to jet set.

Storage and Accessories

Back part of the Zipr Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair

Unfortunately, if you want storage, you’re going to have to pay extra. The Mantis doesn’t include any accessories in the base package, but you can certainly add what you like.

There’s room for a sidearm bag and a rear basket to stash your shopping and personal belongings. Here is a list of other add-ons to personalize your ride.

  • Cup Holder
  • Side Arm Bag
  • Safety Flag
  • Crutch Holder
  • Cane Holder
  • Rear Basket
  • Walker Holder
  • Oxygen Holder
  • Weatherproof Cover

Mantis Electric Wheelchair Pros vs. Cons


  • Versatile for everyday indoor and outdoor use.
  • User-friendly controls.
  • Durable and reliable materials.
  • Disassembles.
  • Affordable.


  • Must pay extra for accessories and storage.
  • Not many customization options.

The Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair is a straightforward, standard mobility device designed to make everyday life easier for those with limited upper and lower body strength.

Its contemporary and slim design won’t take up much space, and it’s equipped with high-power, safe batteries that get up to 15 miles on a single charge.

Since the Mantis is adapted for indoor and outdoor use, you can rely on this chair to get you through your entire day and also accompany you on trips.

It dissembles and is TSA-approved to make its transportation as easy as can be with a power model.

We love the user-friendly controls and adjustable seating options for the utmost comfort. Zip’r even offers the Mantis SE version with an automatic seat elevation feature for those who aren’t able to manually adjust.

There aren’t a lot of complaints with the Mantis. Sure, customization is minimal and accessories cost extra, but the price is well worth the quality, especially since you’ll be dealing with a company that takes customer support seriously.

We Recommend the Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair For…

  • Elderly individuals who tire easily when accomplishing basic tasks
  • People with limited upper and lower body mobility
  • Moving around indoors where areas are tight and doorways/hallways are narrow
  • Light outdoor use on paved sidewalks, uneven surfaces, and to run errands locally
  • Short-term travel by car or plane.

Zipr Mantis Power Wheelchair Warranty

Zip’r offers a Three-Year Limited Warranty on all structural frame components. This includes the platform, fork, seat post, and frame.

There is also a One-Year Limited Warranty on drivetrain components, which include the transaxle, motor, and electronic parts.

It’s important to register your wheelchair within 30 days of purchase for the warranty to be valid. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products to Consider

At this point in our Zipr Mobility Mantis review, you might either be thinking that the Zip’r Mantis is your dream machine or you’re wondering what else is out there.

To help you on your quest for the perfect powerchair, we’ve compiled a shortlist of other high-quality electric wheelchairs for comparison that share similarities with the Zip’r Mantis. Check them out below!

Golden Technologies Scooter Powered-Wheelchair GP162

This incredibly lightweight powerchair is designed for travel, breaking down into parts for easy storage in a car or plane. It features ample storage below the seat, which is a nice touch since this essential is often overlooked. It’s a suitable everyday use chair for seniors and people with mild physical limitations.

Hoveround LX5 Electric Wheelchair

If you’re looking for comfort, then you’ll surely find it when you sink into the plush Captain’s seat on the Hoveround, with standard or reclining options. This model can operate safely indoors or outdoors, reaching up to 12 miles on a single charge. It’s perfect for everyday use, with a compact design that can maneuver in tight spaces with ease.

Sentire Med Deluxe Electric Wheelchair

If you prefer a sporty, futuristic design, then the Sentire Med Deluxe is your indoor/outdoor powerchair. It‘s built solid with puncture-free wheels and can climb a 15-degree incline without tipping. It reaches up to 20 miles on a single charge for all-day use and folds up for easy transport. It’s not as plush as the other models, so keep that in mind if comfort is important to you.

Zipr Mobility Mantis Review Conclusion

The Mantis wheelchair is your go-to standard power chair for everyday indoor and outdoor use. Bear in mind that it’s not an all-terrain device capable of tackling rough surfaces. Instead, it can take you around town when you need to run errands or attend an event.

The design is user-friendly, with an uncomplicated joystick control panel and comfortable, minimal features. There aren’t many customization options, but you can purchase accessories separately to personalize as you wish.

To conclude this Zipr Mobility Mantis review, you can’t go wrong with this company. Users rave about reliable service, which we think should be a priority when it comes to your everyday use wheelchair. The price is also affordable, making this ideal for anyone with lower and upper mobility issues.

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Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair

Recommended For: People with limited upper and lower mobility, as well as aging individuals who want more independence to accomplish daily tasks.

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